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Venice and his carnival

VENICE AND HIS CARNIVALThe carnival goes up to the XI th century and lasted two months from December 26 to fat Tuesday. What would be Venice without its carnival ? It is undoubtedly the question which the venetian asked, when the government decided to remove it of the list of the festivities, following too many " troubles " the passing years. It is only in the 1970 that it will be really “rehabilitated". The Venetian dressed of long capes (tabarro) and the famous mask (the bauta) were open to all fantaisy. Everybody become equal, everyone did what he wanted anonymously (impunity?) ! A good reason for love affairs, As in the past, the actual ceremonie of carnival follow precise rules. Then, gradually, it slip in a more free version , deriving easily in delirious with exuberance. But what a festival !. Venice is transformed into a giante scene of baroque theatre where everyone plays a role.

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