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The Tuscany is the Earth of the Etruscan. A charming earth in radiant quoted from art. The Geniuses of the Renaissance, Michel-angel, Botticelli, Machiavelli and so many others. The Tuscany costs so much by its cultural heritage (Florence, Siena) that by his nature, round in the wine hills, savage in the Alps Apuanes. In every different, always courteous and generous, fascinated and romantic visit, the Tuscany looks like a little more this need of revival which arouses this beginning of century...I can only encourage you to this invitation in the wandering almost in a spiritual quest, force which shows itself in the bend of an alley, beyond an oliveraie or beyond a vineyard. Ah, this famous Chianti which would not have denied Bacchus! Low the relaxed rhythm of life seems to have taken up residence between a nature ô how many generous and fascinating cities, sublime shop windows of an imagination so unbridled as blazing. Good visit

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Click the image to show the album

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