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The wolf

These wolves are of gray Canis Lupus or wolf. Inspiring fear and respect, the wolf incarne the good and evil according to the countries, the times and beliefs'. The wolf, does not attack the man, it is rather afraid of the man and prefers to escape as soon as it perceives his presence. The head is broader than that of the dog and its brain has a capacity higher of a third than that of the largest dogs. Its eyes enable him to see under conditions of weak illumination. The sense of smell is the direction more developed in the wolf, it is 100 times more significant than that of the man. The wolf is digitigrade it has 5 fingers with before and 4 with the back. Its peeling of winter is made up long hairs which enable him to be protected from the cold in winter. It weighs between 20 and 40 kg for a size from 50 to 80 cm . The life within the pack is hard and the competition is severe. To fight to gain and preserve a place, to fight for food, to fight for the females. Most extremely the first eats, divides the life of a female and can hope for a descent. Around him the pack is organized of which it subjected each member. The wolf is always with the aguets, seeking to detect the dangers or the occasions to eat: it devotes thus nearly 10 hours per day to hunting, seeking food for the needs for the pack. The wolf is carnivorous, it eats approximately 2.5 kg of meat per day. The period of the loves is spread out end of the winter to the autumn; in theory, only the male and the female dominating the pack (the couple alpha) couple themselves. What by no means prevents the other wolves and shves-wolf to form faithful and durable couples, but without descent as long as they are not dominant, one speaks about psychological castration.

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