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About me

First photographs at the 11 years age and already appear the love of the nature, the animals and the concern of the ecology which will not leave me any more. Untiring traveller, I am always animated by my passion of the lights and the colors of our ground, round the world.

One thank you to the people who allows me to live a real passion, to my friends photographers who are Pascal Muller, , as well as Raphaël ZEIHER, which taught me that the photographic act is to some extent a form of very personal writing, but not to arrive at vain writings, it was first of all necessary to have something to say, know to say it and make it divide. That is also necessary to be able to transmit the emotion felt even if that is reduced at the time of the action to a fraction of a second which can become almost eternal for the reader.My thanks also go to and particularly with and Christelle Mazoyer who work with my with dimensions for association .I hope that through my albums, I managed to make visible and understandable this small moment of eternity.


Alain Kohl

Annie Stevens

"Un autre monde"


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